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Cultural & Religious Event

Indian devotional music is believed to be a divine art form which is originated from the Devas and Devis. Shashidhar Kote and his team will take audience to a meditative experience and ensure it be an evening of spiritual enlighten that they will cherish forever.

Wedding ceremony

Music is indispensable from Indian Weddings; Shashidhar Kote’s interactive way engages all of the guests at your event, allowing them to share in the joy and excitement of your celebration. Shashidhar Kote has a huge patronage and is capable of being a party to enhance the grandness of your memorable wedding reception.

Corporate Events

A corporate event to entertain its employees, clients, visiting delegates and other guests does not just happen. A musical event by careful selection of music for the audience and presenting in a way that can grip the audience throughout short time will be diligently performed by Mr Kote’s team. They will ensure the quality in music to provide a rich experience to your guests.

Geeta Chitra

Geetha Chitra is a confluence of Music and Painting; it’s is a unique program that essentially brings together different performing arts and has two dimensions viz., to listen the music and see how the theme or ethos of lyric of the song be reproduced on the canvas. The lingering music lyrics will be made vibrant in the rich voice of Shashidhar Kote and these vibrations will be ornated on the canvas by Sri B.K.S. Varma.