Shashidhar Kote has engendered a new generation of music lovers. His innovation lies in bringing music out of its purist closets to a mass audience who experience semi-classical music in uninhibited ways. This popular singer with 3000 plus vocal performances, over 250 plus music recordings has created new waves in the field of Kannada Music. His magnanimity and versatility to adapt him to all styles makes him the most sought after Kannada singer today. Gifted with a mellifluous voice that transcends and traverses through all octaves with grace and melody, resonating with richness he sings his way directly through the hearts of the listener.

Kote has redefined the experience of semi-classical music to the public by creating his own style “For the mass and the class” and resulted in the emergence of a new genre affectionately called The Kote Style. He has overwhelmed the Music World in in Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil as a singer and music director par excellence. His unique style of music has a rigorous and almost meditative approach is part of preparations for all concerts. Kote is passionately involved in selection of songs and ragas for his audience; be it a wedding ceremony, religious gathering, cultural academies or a concerts. Pure devotion to lyrical melody forms the essence of his style and he firmly believes that a singer must be passionate about the literature and lyrics of his music.

Born to Late Shri Kote Vasantha Kumar and Parvathi Kote at Kalanja village near Mangalore, the serene green environs spread all over as a backdrop to the nostalgia of Yakshagana, culturally rich and learned atmosphere, literature, music and Vedas in his village groomed his cultural abilities and evolution as an artiste. He completed his Masters in English literature from Mangalore University and served the education field as a lecturer of English for three years, till the music pulled him with profound gravity towards Bangalore.

He is married to Seetha Kote, who is a well-known TV artiste and talented danseuse and blessed with son Saagar Kote. Step into this artiste's house and you will find it bears the magnanimity of a concert hall, which has just settled after applauding a performance on its proud stage.

Many awards and titles including Gana Gandharva, Gana Garudiga, Aryabhata Shreshta Gayaka, Sangeetha Rathna have honoured him as a standing proof for his popularity and talent.